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3 Best Investments to Make In Your Law Enforcement Team

October 07, 2016
By Vel Tye

Invest In Your Law Enforcement Team


Law enforcement – both public and private – is a flourishing industry. Here in the U.S., law enforcement officers are more important than ever, securing public areas, preventing terrorism, and keeping the general peace. Vel Tye works hard to make sure law enforcement personnel are well-equipped to handle the threats they face.

 Are you making the right investments in your law enforcement team? Here are what we believe to be the three most important resources you can provide the men and women in the field.


  1. The Right Protection Gear
    It’s a sad fact, but law enforcement agents are being confronted with more violent crime than ever. Today’s law enforcement officials don’t just have to worry about the job at hand, but also about their own personal safety. Investing in state-of-the-art protection gear like armored vests, tactical gear, and non-lethal weaponry is a good way to give your team the confidence to succeed. A well-protected law enforcement professional is a more effective one.

  2. Communication Equipment
    It’s more crucial than ever for your team to be able to communicate efficiently on the ground. Whether they’re working in tandem with back-office tech support or attempting to surround a particular area or suspect on foot, being able to easily reach each other is critical. This investment is a technological as well as tactical one; geolocation software and proprietary apps make the technology needed even in small-scale operations more available. And with more officers using their personal cell phones as communication devices amongst one another, secure phone holders that allow for easy handling are a must.

  3. Training, Training, and More Training
    Studies show that well-trained officers are less likely to get hurt on the job and more likely to calmly diffuse potentially dangerous situations. Whether your personnel are being deployed in the private sector or to interact with the public, an effective onboarding system is no longer a nice-to-have. Investing in quality, continuous training concerning everything from weapons to conflict management to survival is the best way to ensure success among your team, period.


Vel Tye manufactures tactical gear and solutions for a wide variety of law enforcement agencies. Our customers come to us for armored vests, hook-and-loop devices, and specially-made clothing designed to suit a specific purpose.


How can Vel Tye help your law enforcement team move forward?

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