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3 Make-Or-Break Tactical Gear Components You Need to Know

August 29, 2018
By Vel Tye


Know Your Specs Before You Buy

Investing in tactical gear is the single best investment that will keep you and your team safe. To ensure that you buy quality gear every time, we’ve created a quick-shot guide on the three components that will make or break your tactical gear. From fabrics to fasteners, what you wear matters, and we’ll show you why.

What Is Cordura Fabric?

Cordura, a derivative of fabrics initially created by DuPont for military use, is a brand of specialized ballistic nylon fabric that is incredibly durable, tear resistant, and excellent for rugged wear. The revamped nylon fabric incorporates a medley of denim, wool, canvas, and other materials. Cordura is our go-to fabric due to its ability to withstand abuse. All Cordura fabric is inspected for quality assurance.


Here at Vel Tye, we use a variety of Cordura fabrics across our entire line of products. Our tactical gear (more on our recommendations below) is constructed with lightweight nylon to reinforce the innards of our medical packs, backpacks, and some of our tactical vests. We use Cordura’s textured nylon in our Military Hugger Tactical Vest design and use Cordura heavyweight nylon ballistic fabrics throughout our soft armored tactical gear.


Cordura lends key enhancements to tactical gear beyond its superior rugged ratings, including uncompromised comfort, and protection from hot, cold, and humid environments. Comfort and the full range of motion are absolutely necessary when outfitting yourself (and others) with tactical gear – Cordura delivers on all fronts.

Velcro® Hook & Loop System

What is colloquially known as Velcro® is properly referred to as “hook and loop” fasteners. Velcro® is a brand, not a descriptor of the fastener. This is important because not all hook and loop fasteners are built equally. We recommend Velcro® hook and loop fasteners for their superior performance, lasting power, and extreme temperature endurance ratings. We use Velcro® brand hook and loop systems because they’re durable, reliable, and perform in high-pressure situations. Velcro® offers a selection of hook and loop closures for varied uses including military grade, industrial grade, and marine grade.


Military-Grade Velcro®: Certified for military use, military grade Velcro® is designed to withstand the especially rigorous conditions of use by military personnel.


Industrial-Grade Velcro®: Manufactured to withstand an enormity of weight, industrial-grade Velcro® boasts superior holding power.


Marine-Grade Velcro®: Made with aquatic environments in mind, marine-grade Velcro® is designed to withstand water-laden conditions. Water can cause other brands to fail to secure correctly or to become dislodged from tactical gear altogether.


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Short for Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment, MOLLE (pronounced Molly) is a brilliantly designed carrying network that frees up the body as much as possible while towing large weight loads. The system works off of a pouch attachment ladder system, providing stackable storage and organization – which allows for fully customizable load carrying. External pouches and accessories are affixed to tactical vests and/or backpacks sporting heavy-duty nylon strips designed to support extra weight and distribute it evenly.


MOLLE systems come in varying configurations but typically include a tactical assault panel, rucksack, hydration bladder, and modular pouches. MOLLE allows each user to configure their rig by adding accessories and attachments. That is the power of MOLLE: complete customization.


Outside of a military setting, MOLLE can meet any outdoors, security, or tactical need. Common variant components often paired with MOLLE systems include a chest rig/magazine carrier, specialized pouches for flashlights, bladed weapons, pistols, extra magazines, medical equipment, or survival tools.


Vel Tye Tactical Gear Solutions

We’re dedicated to providing the best tactical vests and plate carriers, weapon retention accessories, canine equipment, and other products for first responders, law enforcement officers, and military men and women. We also manufacture NIJ-certified armor and offer custom tactical solutions for bulk ordering.


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