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3 Military Gear Products Police Should Adopt

December 26, 2017
By Vel Tye



More and more, local and municipal police forces are receiving extraneous military gear for use in the field. While no one-sheriff town needs a tank, plenty of military tactical items are welcomed by police forces who lack the resources to adequately equip their officers. In some cases, military gear simply performs better than police tactical gear.

What kind of military equipment should police adopt? Here are three military tactical gear items that make a lot of sense for traditional police forces.

  1. Military Hugger Tactical Vests

    Military Hugger vests
    provide complete torso coverage without sacrificing range of motion. Military vests are constructed to hold both hard and soft plate armor panels, while most police vests use just soft armor plates. The double armor layers provide an extra level of protection against high-powered rounds. With the rates of violent crime on the rise in some major metropolitan areas, having significant protection when facing potentially armed assailants is critical for keeping police officers safe. 

  2. Battering Rams

    Search and seizure makes up a significant portion of many police forces’ activities. Particularly in areas where violent crime and/or illicit drugs are an ongoing issue, police officers can be called upon (sometimes in conjunction with other forces, such as S.W.A.T.) to raid a property in search of people or illegal contraband. Battering rams come in all shapes and sizes, traditionally for one- or two-man teams, and are made of metal. Long used by the United States military, some modern rams even come equipped with a piston-firing cylinder that strikes the object as it hits, enhancing its overall momentum.

  3. Enhanced Weaponry

    Some U.S. police forces have adopted the AR-15; some have converted to the M4 carbine. In large cities, some officers even carry M16s or M82s. Enhanced, military-style weaponry isn’t a necessity for all police forces, but those that have chosen to upgrade their arsenals must also equip officers for the additional responsibility. Ongoing range training, durable magazine carriers, and even weapon retention straps all come part-and-parcel with the addition of higher-grade firearms to a precinct. 

Vel Tye specializes in military-grade tactical gear. Our equipment is overseen by military veterans who know exactly what’s required to perform under high-pressure conditions. We also work with forward-thinking police forces who wish to better-equip their officers.

Protection is always top-of-mind when it comes to law enforcement. At Vel Tye, we think that officers deserve the best gear available. It’s our honor to help America’s officers protect and serve.


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