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3 Police Grant Changes to Watch in 2018

February 08, 2018
By Vel Tye


Police grants are directly responsible for outfitting a vast majority of law enforcement officers with the appropriate gear, protection vests, and weaponry they need to stay safe on the job. Under those circumstances, changes within the grant sector can have huge impacts on police districts both large and small.

Here are the most pressing changes law enforcement agencies should watch for as they applyfor grant monies in 2018


  1. Immigration Issues Tie Up Grant Money

    At the federal level, hot-button immigration issues continue to embattle law enforcement agencies, state patrols, and federal organizations such as I.C.E. In some cases, ongoing court cases between the federal government and so-called Sanctuary States and Cities can tie up the entire grant dispersal process for months on end. As the issue becomes more and more complex every day, forward-thinking agencies are looking beyond federal grant money to more sustainable, more predictable small-form grants within their own states and regions. Public-private grant partnerships may also also become more common as the battle lines on immigration become clearer.

  2. Additional Funding for Narcan/Naloxone

    The national opioid epidemic rages on, and law enforcement agencies around the country are finally receiving the tools they need to save lives on the ground. In 2018 (and beyond), funding for lifesaving medications like Narcan/Naloxone will become a priority for police, particularly those districts located in hard-hit – often rural – areas. Funding opportunities for Naloxone are myriad, including grants by the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), the Byrne Justice Assistance Grants (JAG), and even the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Policies are also being enacted to streamline the process for officers looking to obtain these drugs.

  3. Grants for Upgrading Technology

    Law enforcement agencies nationwide are struggling with outdated technology. From computers to crime scene simulators, police technology in dozens of districts will soon get a boost from several grants aimed at bringing law enforcement into the modern era. Specifically, a large grant from the U.S. Department of Justice will be administered in 2018 with the goal of updating technological equipment in small departments across the U.S. Body cams, night vision goggles, and even high-performance tasers are just some of the common technology needs departments have.


The time to apply for 2018 and 2019 police grants is now. There are thousands of grants available at any given time, many of which are surprisingly simple to qualify for. If your agency has a need, there’s likely a grant to provide for it.

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