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3 Tactical Gear Trends for Your Everyday Carry

April 29, 2019
By Vel Tye



Tactical gear keeps you safe — body armor, magazine holsters, hydration packs, and weapon retention systems all ensure you're at your best in every situation. Each piece of gear impacts your daily carry and how you approach your work, but it can be hard to keep up with new equipment and trends on top of your daily responsibilities.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled three of the most impactful gear trends operators need to know to get the most from your EDC in 2019.

Galati Deluxe Tactical Vest

Tactical vests aren't anything new – ballistic vests and flak jackets have been around for decades. What makes these vests innovative is the Velcro®-based customization. Numerous Velcro® strips along the vest allow operators to customize their rig to whatever suits them. Anything from additional ammunition to field trauma kits can be strapped on reliably.


Recommended Accessory: Vel Tye Low-Vis Mag Carrier

The Vel Tye Low-Vis Mag Carrier provides excellent support options for anyone using a tactical vest. Our mag carrier holds up to four magazines silently in place using elastic bands and Velcro® spacers, and more magazines can be stored in the belt using just the elastic bands to secure them in place. The inside of the pack is lined with Velcro® compatible fabric to ensure a long and reliable operational lifetime. For a usage guide, please see our video tutorial.


Combat Sustainment Packs (CSPs)

If you're going out into the field on patrol, being called to an emergency scene, or seeking a modular survivability frame, combat sustainment packs are an excellent option. With built-in space for Trauma Response Kits (TRKs), additional space to carry a wounded comrade's kit, ammunition holsters, and much more, these help you transition from a peaceful patrol to a full-on firefight without missing a beat.

CSPs can be mounted to the rear seat of any vehicle to ensure you're ready to go at a moment's notice. These handy packs tend to be lightweight until filled, provide holsters for your canteen, a camelpak inline hydration system, and may even feature weapon retention clasps.

Some must-haves for your CSP include QuikClot, a bandage designed to stop bleeding—even high-intensity bleeding—in minutes, not hours. Other necessities include tourniquets, a needle and thread, alcohol, bandages, gauze, and pain medicine.


Tactical Plate Carriers(TPCs)

Tactical plate carriers allow you to load up on Level IV body armor, ensure it remains in the right place and offer fully-modular storage on top of your safety system. MOLLE, Velcro® and ballistic nylon construction help ensure you've got an extra layer of protection on top of your choice of soft armor. The Vel Tye Hugger Vest is made of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon and coated in Yuma to ensure all-weather performance. We also offer a variety of options for emergency responders, military personnel, and law enforcement officers.

When looking to purchase a tactical plate carrier, some things to be aware of are:

  • How does the carrier fit?
  • Is the carrier flexible?
  • How much does the carrier weigh?
  • Does the carrier have enough mounting points to carry your gear?
  • Can the carrier be easily taken off and put back on?
  • Does the carrier have wide enough straps? Do the straps cut into your neck or shoulders during wear?

Recommended Accessory: Vel Tye Hugger Vest with NIJ-Certified Level IIIA Soft Armor – a match made in heaven for lightweight, high-protection armor which stays out of the way until it's supposed to get in the way.

Our equipment is made and tested to be the best, including our use of advanced technology, such as Yuma sonic welding, MOLLE kit organization, and full customizability of any Vel Tye system. Contact us to find out how we can help improve your job and personal safety.