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3 Unlikely Police Resources You Can Purchase with Grant Funding

May 14, 2018
By Vel Tye



You already know that you can use grant funding to purchase critically important pieces of gear like protection vests and plate carriers. But did you know that there’s a wide range of auxiliary gear available that may also be approved for purchase under the conditions of your grant?

Of course, you should always double-check your grant’s specific requirements to confirm what kind of equipment can be purchased; some grants even require you to provide a detailed description of what you intend to purchase before you apply. Vel Tye encourages you to think outside the “vest” box and consider adding some of these unlikely grant-funded gear items to your list.


Weapons Retention Products

Weapons retention products can be critical to officers in the field. In fact, statistics show that between 5-20% of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty each year actually have their own weapons used against them. Retention straps and slings are an easy fix to this problem. Solutions like a bungee retention strap provide officers free range of motion without having to worry about hanging on to a firearm. The best retention products are made of high-quality materials like VELCRO hook-and-loop and can adapt to a MOLLE setup.

Bags and Pouches

Today’s officer has to be prepared for anything. More and more, police are required to carry with them a wide variety of resources such as Naloxone pens, zip ties, and trauma gear. This is particularly true for districts where budgetary constraints mean officers spend a great deal of time on their own. Medical bags and ARTAC pouches are often covered by grant funds because they can save lives. Since they can be made to suit almost any specification, these products are inherently versatile and can be used and re-used according to a department’s need at the time.

Canine Equipment

Not every police department is lucky enough to have a K9 unit, but grants specific to K9 funding are helping close the gap. Canine officers are indispensable members of your department and should be protected at all costs. The investment in training, feeding, and maintaining a K9 officer can be quite high which is why it’s all the more important to ensure K9 officers are as well-protected as human officers in the field. Many police grants, even tactical vest grants, allow funds to be applied to canine protection vests designed specifically for dogs.


At Vel Tye, we understand the challenges and limitations of applying grant funding to the gear you need. We work with police departments all over the country to supply industry-leading gear, but also to help maximize the potential of department-wide grants.

Would you like to discuss how you can get the most bang for your buck out of your grant funding? Our team is happy to help. Reach out to us directly to discuss your needs and come up with a special pricing plan.


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