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4 Questions to Ask Your Tactical Gear Supplier

October 11, 2017
By Vel Tye



Tactical gear is an investment. Buying new or upgraded gear is a decision no tactician or department head takes lightly because better gear saves lives.

Thinking of investing in new tactical gear? Here are four questions to ask your tactical gear supplier to be sure you’re getting the right gear to keep your team safe.

1. What can you tell me about quality?

Gear is only as good as the components it’s made of. Your tactical gear supplier should be happy to talk to you about the quality control steps they use when making their gear, from straps to protection vests. A few things to pay special attention to include the materials used (VELCRO, Cordura Fabric, and YUMA material are all industry names-to-know), the facility where the gear is produced, and the longevity expected from each item according to use.


2. Who uses your products?

Finding out the primary market for a tactical gear supplier tells you a lot about the quality of their gear. Vel Tye, for example, works with law enforcement departments and military organizations all over the U.S. to supply one-off and bulk order equipment. Our company was also founded by a veteran. Suppliers with a focus on heavy tactical use spend a lot of time thinking about the functional design and engineering specifications of each item.


3. How do I know what gear to buy?

The gear you need depends on several criteria.. Which team members will use the gear, and how? Will the gear be shared or individually-assigned/owned? What weather will the gear be exposed to? What are some pain points that your organization has faced? What is the end goal for new gear (increased ROI? Easier access? Higher compliance rates?) A good tactical gear manufacturer can walk you through the pros and cons of each item you’re interested in.


4. Is new gear worth the investment?

Absolutely. Upgraded gear isn’t just nice to look at, it saves lives. Advancements in R&D over the last few years alone mean today’s gear is better engineered and more functional than ever before. Better gear also provides a boost for your team’s morale; when outfitted properly, teams can focus on the mission at hand rather than their comfort (or discomfort). Good gear is a financial investment, yes, but needs to be replaced and/or repaired far less often than cheaper, substandard gear made using shortcuts.


Do you have questions about upgrading your team’s tactical gear? Vel Tye can help. Our field-experienced team members are happy to talk to you about your department’s needs and whether we have the products to match. Our Hugger vests, weapons accessories, and utility pouches are industry-known for their quality and design.


Contact us today to get a quote for new tactical gear for your team.

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