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4 Ways to Stand Out in Your Tactical Gear Grant Application

April 20, 2018
By Vel Tye



Receiving a grant for tactical gear can be a big boost for your department. Better, more protective gear can help your team operate more efficiently and, most importantly, stay safe. Are you doing all you can to receive the grants you apply for?

Vel Tye works often with police departments in the process of purchasing grant-funded tactical gear. Here’s what we’ve learned about how to make your tactical gear grant application stand out.

  1. Follow Instructions to the Letter

    You’d be shocked how many well-meaning departments inadvertently fill out their grant applications incorrectly. Leaving out pages or supplemental materials is one of the most common problems we hear about, but lots of departments also neglect to provide all requested information or even to submit their applications in the way the grantor suggests. Check, re-check, and then check your application again to be sure it doesn’t get disqualified from the jump.

  2. Be Personal

    Police work is inherently personal. Use your grant application as a place to talk about the ways in which the grant would positively impact the community you serve, not just bolster your numbers. Don’t forget to include all relevant data requested, but also don’t be afraid to talk about how your officers’ families fear for their safety, for example, because they’re out in the field with sub-par gear.

  3. Use Great Examples

    If you’ve ever won a grant before (or even just received a large donation or influx of funding), use that to your advantage. Be as specific as you can about how that money was allocated and show data-backed examples of how it helped. You could, for instance, talk about how those tasers you purchased two years ago have significantly decreased the number of officer-involved shootings in your area. Actionable data is important to grant providers.

  4. Get a Quote

    Some grants require that you obtain quotes for the tactical gear you hope to purchase, but many don’t. Taking this extra step shows grantors you’re serious about the gear you need, not just hoping for an influx of cash to use wherever you see fit. The more specific your need, the more directly a grant can be applied, and all grantors love to know exactly where their award will be going. Get a quote from a reputable tactical gear supplier for exactly what you need now so you can be ready to pull the trigger once your award has been issued.

Grant writing is a process, and it takes practice. Tactical grants are their own specific beast, but don’t let the process scare you from applying for funds that could drastically improve work in your department.

Looking for a police grant to apply for? Here are a few places to check.
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