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5 Essential Items to Keep In Your Patrol Car

May 30, 2018
By Vel Tye



A patrol car is a police officer’s mobile office. It’s where they keep everything they might need for whatever comes at them in the field, from a combative assailant to an unexpected traumatic injury.

The more well-stocked your patrol car, the more prepared you can be to carry out the necessary functions of your job. Here are five essential “non-essentials” every police officer should keep in their patrol car at all times.

  1. Medical Bags

    Officers are often expected to act as stand-in EMTs when paramedics are on their way. Having a fully-stocked medical supply bag or ARTAC pouch can make the difference in the event of an injury. Officer trauma kits are essential for ensuring both the officer and members of the public will have access to potentially life-saving equipment (like a tourniquet) whenever the need arises.

  2. Magazine Carrier

    Active shooter events are becoming more and more common, and a Low Vis Magazine Carrier is an officer’s best friend in these situations. By keeping a packed-out magazine carrier in your patrol car you’re always ready to attach it to your protection vest and quickly move to contact.

  3. Emergency Response Plate Carrier

    Officers who don’t always wear protection vests can still find themselves in unexpectedly dangerous situations. At those times, keeping a quick-deploy plate carrier in your car can save your life. An Emergency Response Plate Carrier is designed to be easy-to-wear and fit over any standard uniform. Most also come with pockets and attachments for storing additional ammo or other on-hand supplies.

  4. Zip Ties

    Every officer has handcuffs, but does every officer have five extra sets with them at all times? When you encounter a situation in which there are multiple parties in need of restraint, zip ties can deescalate the problem fast. Zip ties are incredibly portable, and they don’t expire which makes them perfect for stashing in one of the hidden compartments of your patrol car.

  5. Extra Charger/Batteries

    Electronics are playing an increasingly-large role in effective policing. The last thing any officer needs is for his phone or radio to die in the field, especially if he’s a good distance away from other officers. Car chargers and/or extra batteries are compact and inexpensive – they’re the kind of equipment you don’t think about until you’re really in a pinch.

Is your patrol car ready? Preparation is part of the job and keeping your patrol car well-stocked is one of the best things you can do to ensure your safety and achieve peak performance. Which items can help you stay on-guard?

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