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5 Life-Saving Gear Essentials For Your Police Force

December 28, 2016
By Vel Tye

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Over the last few years, funding for fully-equipped police gear bags has come under question. With over 12,000 active police departments in the U.S. alone, equipment for officers has become a topic of national importance.

Which gear essentials double as life-saving devices? When you’re a police officer, every second counts. Arriving prepared is the first line of defense against danger on the job.


  1. Tactical Vest
    Nearly three-quarters of all local police departments now require their officers to wear protective armor at all times. Tactical vests are the premiere piece of life-saving equipment in any officer’s go-bag, and having a Hugger vest that’s comfortable, easy-to-move in, and protection-rated is critical.
  1. Tasers
    Law enforcement officers have been using non-lethal weapons like tasers for decades. A typical taser works from about 15-20 feet away by delivering as much as 50,000 volts of paralyzing electricity to a combative suspect’s body. Non-lethal weapons such as tasers are an integral part of any prep bag for law enforcement.
  1. Extra Ammunition
    A vast majority of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. supply officers with Glock pistols on the job. While having a functional weapon in-hand is important, it won’t do much good if an officer runs out of ammo. Most pistols hold less than 18 rounds of ammunition, so officers are advised to carry at least two extra magazines with them at all times for the event of a shootout or mass-shooter situation.
  1. Handcuffs
    Handcuffs as life-saving equipment? After car accidents, non-compliant suspects pose the biggest threat to law enforcement safety. Having functional, easy-to-access handcuffs or zip ties is imperative in the line of duty. While the make and model of handcuffs themselves is important, law enforcement officers need a handcuff pouch that is strong and quick to open.
  1. Radio
    On-site communication is key to saving lives in the field of duty. Whether it’s to call for backup or to send in emergency response after serious injury, every officer needs easy access to their radio. A radio pouch that’s accessible and reliable is as important as the radio itself.


Law Enforcement branches all over the country have been utilizing Vel Tye products for over two decades. Strength and dependability are the tenets by which all Vel Tye products are made; it’s no small responsibility to be helping officers stay safe in the field.

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