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Beyond Vests and Armor: More NIJ Certified Gear to Know

March 05, 2018
By Vel Tye



NIJ Certified tactical gear is the best in the business. Tested against the most rigorous quality standards available, NIJ Certified gear goes far beyond performance, it’s designed to make the difference between life and death.


The Basics of NIJ Certified Gear

The National Institute of Justice has been certifying gear against a litany of in-house quality standards for decades. Certification testing is done on a “standards-based” scale and carried out by specially selected labs across the country to ensure non-bias. Testing is performed during the initial phases of certification and then annually on both a scheduled and randomized basis.

Initially, NIJ Certification only pertained to body armor and/or protection vests. Armor was distinguished into two categories: ballistic and stab-resistant. From there, the armor was certified based on its ability to stop penetrative gunshots or stab wounds, respectively. Today, NIJ’s scope has grown; certification is awarded on a level-by-level basis


Beyond Vests and Armor

NIJ oversees a staggering array of services and products in the purview of the law enforcement community. These include aerial surveillance, forensics, corrections equipment, and even crime-mapping technologies, in addition to a range of in-field tactical gear utilized by law enforcement officers all over the country.

At this time, the NIJ certifies five separate categories of gear using standards-based testing methods:

  • Ballistic-Resistant Armor
  • Stab-Resistant Armor
  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Autoloading Pistols
  • Protective Gloves

Vel Tye has already covered the basics surrounding NIJ Certification of body armor. It’s also important to understand how and why the NIJ certifies additional gear.

Ballistic helmets are certified under NIJ Standard-0106.01. Like ballistic armor, helmets are certified to different levels based on the protection they offer. Carefully review your helmet’s certification level to ensure you’re getting the right level of protection.

The NIJ compliance standard for autoloading pistols is 0112.03. In order to be certified, pistol manufacturers must submit their weapons for inspection against a host of criteria including drop function, barrel width, autoloading performance, and more.

Similarly, the NIJ test protocol for protection gloves is 99-114. To be certified by the NIJ, high-performance gloves are measured against standards for pathogenics, cuts, punctures, dexterity, etc. The NIJ has kept a running list of certified protection gloves since the year 2000.


Vel Tye NIJ Certified Protection Vests

Vel Tye is an American manufacturer of NIJ Certified soft armor. Our body armor not only complies with the stringent requirements of the Department of Justice, it exceeds the quality expectations of customers ranging from law enforcement officers to military members.

Constructed using only the highest-test materials, Vel Tye’s protection vests offer a best-in-class experience for the end-user. Produced entirely in the U.S.A., Vel Tye’s products are the epitome of American quality.


Would you like to find out more about what makes NIJ Certified gear so special, or to talk to a tactical gear specialist? Reach out to the Vel Tye team at our Virginia Beach, VA, headquarters to learn more.


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