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How to Choose Body Armor Plates for Your Vel Tye Hugger

January 25, 2017
By Vel Tye

how to choose body armor
Deciding to purchase a tactical vest is a great investment in your safety. Vel Tye’s Hugger vests are designed for security and durability. The question is, what kind of body armor plates should you choose for your vest?


Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  1. What level protection am I looking for?

    Different levels of armor protection are suited for specific caliber bullets and other bodily threats. For example, Level IIIA soft armor can stop as high as a .44 Magnum round. Even higher-rated hard armor plates can stop as much as a .30 caliber round. Knowing what level protection you need is the most important criteria to consider when designing your vest. Understanding the difference between Level IIIA armor, designed for pistol rounds and potentially more suitable for law enforcement, and Level IV Armor, designed for larger calibers (making it great for military members,) is key. Not sure what threats you face most often? Vel Tye can help you decide what works best.

  2. What are my logistical needs when it comes to my Hugger vest?

    Do you need a stand-alone vest set up or a system that combines the two levels of protection mentioned above? If you plan to use the same setup day in and day out, you’ll want to order a different kind of vest than a modular solution that can be converted depending on your mission.

    Choosing the right kind of armor is very important as well. Is cost important? Is weight a factor? Do you work in a maritime environment and need a flotation-based system? The reason so many professionals turn to Vel Tye Huggers for their tactical vest needs is the versatility of the product and extensive array of customization available.

  3. What size vest do I need to purchase?

    Size is one of the most important factors to consider with a new vest. The Hugger is built to a variety of size requirements and includes various panel sizes for its armor inserts. Armor choices can run in the small- to medium-sized range, and the right armor is vital as it can cause a vest to feel too tight or loose. Identifying your size requirements is important and our team is ready to assist you with that process.


Your needs for a tactical vest will depend greatly on your body shape, your use, and your armor requirements. Let Vel Tye help you create exactly the vest you’ve been looking for.


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