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3 Reasons Cordura Is the Perfect Material for Tactical Vests

January 11, 2017
By Vel Tye
Police tactical vest

Who doesn’t have lots of questions when considering tactical vests?

How heavy should it be?
Should I go full-custom or buy “off-the-rack?”
What material should my vest be made of?

Vel Tye is a leading name in high-quality tactical vests. We can answer all your burning questions about how and why, but today we’re addressing vest materials.

Here’s why we think Cordura is the best material money can buy for your tactical vest.

Cordura is a brand of fabric. It’s widely recognized globally as the leading name in military and tactical fabrication and has been in business for over 44 years. Now available in dozens of iterations, the fabrics produced by Cordura are known for their durability and toughness in a variety of situations. Cordura fabrics are well known for their long lasting resistance against abrasions, scuffs, rips and tears.

All qualified Cordura fabrics are inspected and certified to ensure they meet the quality and durability of the brand standards. The brand’s product range spans from classic air-jet textured nylons to ultra-lightweight polyester and are used in everything from straps to vests to jackets.

How does Vel Tye utilize the technology of Cordura products?

Cordura fabrics are available in a range of constructions and applications. We use Cordura’s lightweight nylon packcloths (210, 420 denier) to comprise the inside of bags, packs, and some vest designs. We also utilize Cordura’s textured nylon (300, 500 and 1000 denier) to craft the outer shell of our popular Hugger Vest and other Vel Tye Products. These include our heavyweight nylon ballistic fabrics (630, 840, 1050 denier) which are used in most of our soft armor options.

Time and again, our customers tell us their Cordura-enhanced Vel Tye products are some of the best they’ve ever worked with. They report their vests stand up to heat, cold, moisture, and use better than other brands, and the material they’re made of is a large part of the equation. It’s our goal to make comfortable, wearable vests that act like a second skin for our military and law enforcement partners. Cordura helps us do just that.

Questions about how Cordura fabric can benefit your team? Contact Vel Tye today for more information on how our American-made vests are the best and hardest-working solution for your personnel.

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