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First Responders and Tactical Accessories: How You Can Save Vital Time

April 10, 2017
By Vel Tye


Medical pouch


In the field, seconds matter. If you’re a first responder, wasted time can be the difference between life and death. Your tactical pack matters and the accessories you choose could save you crucial time when the pressure is on.

Perhaps the biggest time-waster for a first responder is the search for equipment. Conditions aren’t always ideal – sometimes it’s dark, loud, wet, or space-challenged – so arranging a tactical pack to be easily accessible is critical. Utility pouches should be easy-open and small enough that they won’t become bogged down with excess. First aid kits should open/close with VELCRO, not zippers. Any way an item can be made more accessible can shave valuable seconds off of a rescue.

Organize by Use
There is no wrong way to organize tactical accessories; there’s only the way that makes the most sense for how you use your tools. The most frequently used item in your pack should be the easiest to get to. For most first responders, the most reached-for tool is the radio. If you often use a tactical knife, flashlight, or restraints, keep those where they’re easy to reach. In general, organizing your accessories into categories of use (i.e. medical equipment together, defense tools together, etc.) is the best way to enter the field prepared.

Wear Comfortable Gear
Your tactical apparel should never hinder your movement. If it does, you may waste valuable time removing a plate vest or unbuckling a utility belt when you could be tending to the wounded. When choosing foundational gear, select materials that are easy to move in and allow you to breathe; high-pressure situations will likely cause you to run hotter than usual. Your gear should be as lightweight as possible and easily attachable to the accessory packs you take with you to a call.


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