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Five Things You Can Carry With a Low-Vis Magazine Carrier

May 11, 2017
By Vel Tye


Every piece of gear should serve a purpose. The items you decide to take into the field can literally save your life; they can hinder your movement or, hopefully, improve your performance. Vel Tye’s Low-vis magazine carriers are uniquely designed to attach to your Hugger tactical vest, and they can carry far more than just extra ammo.

Here are five things you can carry with our low-vis magazine carrier.

  1. Magazines
    Naturally, low-vis magazine carriers are specifically designed to house extra rounds of ammunition. Every low-vis can be customized to fit your preferred ammo. A good magazine carrier is compatible with a range of tactical vests and provides bungee or other securing mechanisms to keep ammo snug and secure.

  2. Radio Gear
    Thanks to a plethora of slots, low-vis magazine carriers are also suitable for housing oft-needed field equipment. Many tacticians choose to keep their radio and/or communication gear in their low-vis for easy access and security.

  3. Pistol Holsters
    In some situations, extra rounds aren’t as critical as an extra weapon. The Low-Vis Magazine Carrier’s’ narrow openings make the perfect nest for many pistol holsters. Once stored, the pistol is close to the body, protected from jostling, and easy-to-access.

  4. Flashlight
    The low-vis also makes a smart fit for small- to medium-sized flashlight handles. Flashlights should be stored with the lens facing upwards, and easily accessible to the wearer’s dominant hand. It’s also a good idea to attach a retention strap to the flashlight itself in the case of slippage or drops.

  5. Breaching Shells
    Breaching rounds – also known as “slug shots” – are a commonly used tactical tool used to gain entry into doors, deadbolts, and other locked areas. Most operators choose to carry only one or two breaching shells at a time, and a Low-Vis Magazine Carrier’s slots are the right size for storage. Breaching shells can stay snug and secure for months inside a magazine carrier until they’re needed in the field.

Vel Tye is a proud U.S. manufacturer of superior tactical-grade equipment. Designed specifically for military and law enforcement use, our gear is made to be durable and built-to-last.

Vel Tye offers fully customizable Low-Vis Magazine Carriers for every tactical situation. Buy yours online today.


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