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How to Buy the Perfect Size Hugger Vest

September 14, 2017
By Vel Tye

At Vel Tye, our Hugger tactical vests are designed for performance. A vest that fits your body well is the best protection against serious injury.

But how do you buy the perfect size Hugger tactical vest?

Standard tactical vest sizing is relatively universal. If you’re typically able to buy clothes off-the-rack, you shouldn’t need a custom-cut vest. At Vel Tye, our Hugger tactical vests are designed using VELCRO straps specifically to be fully-adjustable, resulting in a near-custom fit for our customers.

Our vests come in standard sizes (i.e. Small, Medium, Large, etc.) – see this handy sizing guide we use to help customers determine which vest is right for them. It’s very important to note that you should always take all measurements into account: chest, neck size, sleeve length, and waist. Why? Because range of mobility is the most important fit factor for your Hugger tactical vest.

***When in doubt, always size UP

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Ill-fitting vests are more than just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous. Remember: You’re not just wearing a Hugger vest, you’re moving in one. Tactical vests are designed to fit like a second skin and should never make it more difficult to use a sidearm or run. The last thing a wearer needs is to feel restricted when reaching for a weapon or pursuing a suspect. The additional physical strain an improperly-sized or overly heavy vest puts on your body only hampers your ability to do your job.

Still having trouble deciding on the right size? Take some time to think about your most comfortable shirt and pants – what size are they? It’s always the best idea to buy a vest that’s slightly too big rather than too small; it’s easier to cinch a larger system down than to try and move comfortably in a tight vest.

Once your Hugger vest arrives, adjust it so the collar is in line with the top of your breast bone and the bottom of the vest is right at your belly button. These adjustments can be made using the shoulder straps. If the around-the-body fit needs adjusting, use the VELCRO straps on the sides. Ideally, you want your Hugger tactical vest to fit snugly enough that once it doesn’t shift when it’s fully loaded with armor and equipment.  

Do you need more help determining which size is right for you? We’re happy to offer guidance.
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