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3 Tips to Find the Best Police Tactical Gear Online

August 11, 2017
By Vel Tye

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Looking for quality tactical gear online? Browsing the web for the best police gear can feel overwhelming. How can you tell which items are being described accurately, and can you trust a supplier you haven’t seen in person?

For police officers, the difference in quality gear and sub-par gear can be life or death. At Vel Tye, we take that responsibility seriously. Here are three tips we give all our law enforcement clientele as they search for gear online.

  1. Quality Site, Quality Gear
    As a very general rule, a tactical gear producer that spends time worrying about their website is also thinking about other important details like materials and durability. Note whether a brand’s website looks up to date and whether it contains useful product information and photos. Also note whether its e-commerce function is easy-to-use – if it is, you can bet they’re getting enough orders to make that functionality worth the investment. A brand that cares about the quality of its website is likely a brand that cares about the quality of its product, too.

  2. Note the Source
    The best gear-makers are gear-users. When the tacticians behind professional gear have experience wearing and testing equipment in the field, they’re more likely to understand the needs of their end-users. Comfort, shape, breathability…gear differentiators are often highly subjective and what works in the production studio doesn’t always work in the field. It’s always a good idea to look for tactical gear brands backed by military veterans, law enforcement officers, or experienced security professionals.

  3. Think Beyond Law Enforcement
    Looking for police gear? Look further! The best police gear isn’t police gear at all; it’s military grade. Military gear provides the highest levels of performance and protection available, from vests to packs, and is usually more durable than police-specific gear. A good way to determine whether gear is rated for military use is to learn more about the materials it’s made of. For example, field-tested materials such as CORDURA® fabric are well-suited for a variety of technical applications and come in a wide range of strengths, making them ideal for military (or police) use.


The best police tactical gear online is at Vel Tye. Vel Tye was founded by a veteran of the U.S. Navy and our gear is always made in the U.S.A. From police utility bags to life-saving Hugger vests, law enforcement officers trust Vel Tye for high-quality products that stand up to heavy use.

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