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How to Stay Cool in Full Gear

June 14, 2017
By Vel Tye

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Vel Tye manufactures quality tactical gear for police officers, firemen, and military personnel, among others. Many of our loyal customers work in extreme heat, from the deserts of the Middle East to the humid conditions of the tropics. Keeping cool while wearing a full array of life-saving gear can be difficult, but being prepared isn’t.

Here are a few ways to stay cool in full gear:

Choose the Right Gear
The wrong gear can feel heavy, hot, and restrictive. It’s imperative to select gear that offers maximum protection with minimum discomfort. Vests designed for optimal range of motion allow easy access to tools and weapons, and apparel that “hugs” the body should always be made of synthetic materials and lined with breathable mesh.

Choose the Right Base Layer
Proper base layers are almost as important as proper gear. Vented tactical shirts are ideal for wearing under tactical vests, particularly if a uniform must also be worn on top. A breathable base layer that wicks away sweat – even when layered under several additional shirts – is one of the best ways to keep the torso cool. Look for materials such as Rayon, mesh, and synthetic blends to provide the best moisture-wicking utility.

Take Breaks Often
Even the best-fitting gear needs to be removed regularly. It’s crucial to allow the skin time to breathe, especially on the torso. Once you are in a safe space, exposing your torso and other gear-covered extremities to the outside air (and subsequently drying out any lingering moisture) is an efficient way to quickly reduce your internal temperature.

Carry Cooling Accessories
Additional gear can actually go a long way towards keeping you cool. A wide-brimmed hat is essential for shading your face and keeping the sun off your head. Sweatbands, water bottles, and emergency radios can also be carried in tactical pouches while in particularly hot situations.

Proper hydration is key to avoiding overheating. Drinking plenty of water while in the field ensures the body’s systems can process heat effectively; aim for 8 oz. of water every hour during periods of extreme heat or activity. If necessary, consider adding a hydration pack to your gear set to make access to water more convenient.

Vel Tye’s unique tactical Hugger vests are designed for optimum utility with superior range of motion. Whether you wear soft armor, hard armor, or a combination of both, the right vest and the right base layers are essential to keeping your body temperature down.

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