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Planning for Police Department Upgrades in 2019: Equipment and Tactical Gear

December 27, 2018
By Vel Tye

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As you head into 2019, what kind of upgrades are you planning for your police department? What new equipment will keep your officers as safe as possible? Here are our recommendations on buying better equipment and tactical gear so you can keep current with today's challenges.

Higher Quality Tactical Vests

All tactical vests should have a label that tells you their expiration dates. If you haven't checked those labels in a while, you might find many of the vests your officers currently use are past their recommended use dates.

Older tactical vests could become a major risk because deteriorated materials may not perform when an officer needs it. Take some time in the coming year to upgrade expired vests and ensure the safety of every member in your department.

Protection and comfort aren't always easy to find in tactical vests, but you want something that officers can wear for long periods of time without sacrificing comfort or range of motion. A tactical vest that  and uses VELCRO closures so it fits closer to the body will offer the comfort and protection you need on the job. Other options include a private security tactical vest, the perfect choice for first responders or officers working security jobs, and emergency response plate carriers.

Weapon Retention Products

Your officers need to easily store and access their weapons, which is why it is important to provide a variety of weapon retention tools. A good weapon retention system helps your officers easily store their weapons while giving them full range of motion for quick action.

Most weapon retention gear attaches to tactical vests so it is easy to incorporate into an officer’s everyday patrol gear.

Protecting Your Department's Canine

Canine officers are valuable members of your department and need first-rate tactical gear as well. Consider a first-time or new canine vest for your four-legged officers, and opt for canine vests that protect the stomach area from blades and shrapnel.

We offer a unique canine vest you can't find anywhere else that is customizable based on the measurements of your department dogs. Providing superior protection and a comfortable fit so they can perform without obstructions is our top priority.

Pouches to Store Various Equipment

Buying pouches for your officers might sound inconsequential until you realize not all of them are made of the highest quality. Officers should have well-made pouches that can store items safely in inclement weather and be easy to attach so they're easy to access.

A radio pouch with VELCRO is a good idea thanks to its easy-open design that allows quick access when officers need to make an emergency call. Another pouch for handcuffs provides the same durability and VELCRO feature. As the winter weather becomes more treacherous in your city, your officers will appreciate having pouches to protect their gear and equipment from ice and other elements.

At Vel Tye, we're here to help. Contact us to find out more about our law enforcement products and the discounts you'll find through our online store.