Vel Tye Tactical Gear News

May 05, 2017

How to Keep Your Kit as Light as Possible


Tactical gear should be as comfortable to carry as it is effective. If your gear kit is too heavy, it runs the risk of slowing you down; when you’re in the field, every second counts....
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Topics: Body Armor, Comfort, Gear, Gear Maintenance, Materials, Safety

April 27, 2017

Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Tactical Protection Gear


When you’re faced with the unknown each day, you want to be sure you’re wearing protective gear that works. Your safety matters and you shouldn’t delay when it’s time to get new tactical...

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Topics: Tactical Accessories, Body Armor, Gear, Gear Maintenance, Materials, Safety

December 07, 2016

3 Tips for Maintaining Your VELCRO Tactical Gear


Tactical gear is an investment in your safety. You’ve spent time and money building a foundation of supportive, resilient gear, but if you’re not taking care of it properly, it won’t last as...

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