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February 28, 2017

What’s in a Kit? 5 Essentials for EDC


We at Vel Tye know how important the contents of your everyday carry (EDC) kit are. If anything happens, you need to have the right equipment to remain safe and take care of yourself. Here are...

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February 21, 2017

Why To Consider Hugger Vests for Your EMS Team


First responders are exposed to dangerous situations every day. At Vel Tye, we work to provide gear that protects those in the line of duty from harm.


Here are two important reasons to...

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February 17, 2017

Why A Veteran Founded Company Makes Better Tactical Gear

At Vel Tye, we believe in the power of “veteran made,” and we’re told by our clients that our products are heads above the rest. So, why do veterans make better tactical gear?

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February 02, 2017

4 Essential Accessories To Go With Your Hugger

You’re already making an investment in your safety and security by purchasing a Hugger from Vel Tye. But which accessories will help you get the most out of your Hugger?

Here are four accessory...

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December 07, 2016

3 Tips for Maintaining Your VELCRO Tactical Gear


Tactical gear is an investment in your safety. You’ve spent time and money building a foundation of supportive, resilient gear, but if you’re not taking care of it properly, it won’t last as...

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November 30, 2016

What is YUMA and How Does It Waterproof Our Armor?


The weather doesn’t always cooperate with the mission at hand, so it’s critical that your tactical  gear can handle environmental challenges. At Vel Tye, we’ve been working on creating superior...

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November 23, 2016

3 Things to Expect When Ordering Custom Tactical Gear


At Vel Tye, we accept custom orders. We specialize in meeting (and exceeding) specific needs for law enforcement personnel and first responders, and one of the requests we get most often is for...

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