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When to Spend and When to Save on Police Tactical Gear

June 07, 2018
By Vel Tye



Most police departments aren’t blessed with limitless budgets. In fact, most of the departments Vel Tye works with are constantly forced to make decisions on where to cut costs and where to invest in high-quality and longevity.

When it comes to police-grade tactical gear, where should you spend and where should you save? Here are a few of our thoughts as you decide how to allocate your budget.


Spend On…

Certain tactical elements should be considered primary expenditures. These should be prioritized over every other piece of equipment and you should do everything in your power to procure the best products possible. Investing in high-quality gear at this phase will actually save your department in the long run.

You should spend significant resources on any gear that is intended to save lives. Tactical vests are the most obvious example, but auxiliary equipment like plate carriers and even ballistic plates themselves should also be considered. NIJ-certified tactical vests are worth the investment because they’re designed to outlast and outperform cheap protection vests.

Another place not to skimp is weaponry. Be sure your team is equipped with functioning, reliable firearms (and also that training is regular and top-notch). Firearms aren’t as effective without support gear such as holsters, weapon retention straps, and proper cleaning equipment.

Don’t forget that gear doesn’t have to be expensive to be life-saving. Zip-tie handcuffs, tourniquets, and combat bandages are all relatively inexpensive but absolutely worth the investment. Remember to factor small but important equipment into your calculations.


Save On…

Not everything in your utility bag can afford to be top-of-the-line, and that’s okay. Items that are highly replaceable should be the first place you look when it’s time to cut costs. You can always re-invest without significant financial penalty.

Small items like batteries, writing utensils, and note pads are a good place to save. Many officers prefer to supplement their department-issued accessories with their own selection, anyway.

Clothing is another area where it makes sense to look for money-saving opportunities. It is entirely possible to find comfortable, breathable clothing without breaking the bank. Most police apparel isn’t intended to last more than a couple of years, so durability shouldn’t be a paramount concern when it’s time to crunch the numbers. Again, many officers choose to supplement their uniforms with their own undershirts, boots, socks, and other items regardless of what you supply.


Durable Police Tactical Gear from Vel Tye

Vel Tye is a leading manufacturer of high-quality police protection gear. We’re based in the USA and every piece of tactical equipment we produce is made from the best materials we can find using the most cutting-edge construction technologies.

Our experts are happy to talk to you about which pieces of tactical gear make the best investments. Reach out to our team today to discuss bulk discounts for police departments and to find out what’s in stock.


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