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Why New Tactical Gear for Your Team is Worth the Investment

October 03, 2017
By Vel Tye



Purchasing new tactical gear for your entire team is a serious investment. Vel Tye understands your department’s need to stay budget-conscious without sacrificing quality; it’s why we spend so much time on R&D.

Are you still trying to determine whether new tactical gear is worth it? Here’s why upgrading your equipment is an important investment in your team.


Better Gear Means Better Performance

Subpar gear hamstrings your team. If your team’s gear doesn’t align with the end-goals of your department, it’s not living up to its promise. A few of the areas in which our customers are commonly looking for improvement include fit, durability, protection, and range of motion. Which items generally provide the most opportunity for enhancement? Protection vests, weapons systems, retention straps, and uniforms.


Shared Gear Takes a Beating

Nearly half of all police departments employ less than ten officers. Small departments like these rarely have the budget to purchase new equipment department-wide. In most cases, local police and other tactical teams instead share gear, storing each item at a central location when off-duty. Gear that’s used by more than one person inevitably goes through more wear-and-tear. Items such as weapons, safety straps, laces, and hinges all age faster when shared; higher-quality gear better protects against the natural degradation that comes from departmental use.


Multi-Purpose Gear Saves Money

Multi-purpose gear – multi-tools, general utility pouches, long-handled flashlights – may cost more from the get-go but they’re meant to serve several purposes at once. Purchasing multi-use gear for your team provides all the benefits that come with investing in quality and the ability to streamline your departmental resources. With less gear to keep track of, your team is more likely to perform at their best. They’re also more likely to take better care of the limited, high-use gear they do have on hand.


Quality Gear Lasts Longer

At the point of initial purchase, high-quality tactical gear may be more expensive than lower-quality equipment. There are a number of reasons why, but the most important to your bottom line is that better gear lasts longer. When properly cared for, high-quality tactical gear can outlast cheaper gear by two, three, or even ten times. How? Because better gear is made from superior components like VELCRO, Cordura fabric, and high-grade steel. Your department’s gear is only as good as its foundational components; don’t pay less now to spite yourself later.


Vel Tye is a leader in high-quality tactical equipment.
We work with tactical teams, police departments, and military regiments throughout the country to provide dependable, resilient gear with a focus on cutting-edge protection vests.

Is it time for an investment in better gear? Contact us today to talk specifics.

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