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What is YUMA and How Does It Waterproof Our Armor?

November 30, 2016
By Vel Tye

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The weather doesn’t always cooperate with the mission at hand, so it’s critical that your tactical  gear can handle environmental challenges. At Vel Tye, we’ve been working on creating superior waterproofing solutions for our customers.


YUMA fits the bill.

What is YUMA?
YUMA produces some of the most technologically-advanced waterproof materials known to man. Their 200 Denier nylon oxford urethane coated domestic ripstop fabric is a woven fabric that’s made using a special reinforcing technique. It’s resistant to tearing and ripping, in addition to being water resistant. When combined with the strength of Vel Tye’s ultrasonic welds, it can be used to create a totally waterproof soft armor panel cover.


Vel Tye and Ultrasonic Welding
The process of ultrasonic welding actually enhances the waterproof-rating of gear. The “welds” are created when sound waves traveling at ultrasonic speeds are passed through two adjoined plastics. The mechanical motion along with applied force creates friction which instantly bonds the materials together at a molecular level. At Vel Tye, we use a Dukane IQ model supersonic welder to further enhance the waterproof qualities of YUMA’s state-of-the-art products. Most commonly, we wrap our soft body armor sets in YUMA material that has been sonically-welded for security. We use this same process to weld many of our proprietary hook-and-loop fasteners to gear for the ultimate in security.


Why Our Customers Love YUMA Waterproofing
Our customers come to us when they need versatile gear that will stand the test of time. They spend great time and expense creating customized soft armor sets, so they love that YUMA’s fabric increases the functionality of their gear. Particularly for law enforcement officials and military professionals, wearing materials that won’t absorb water (and thus stay lighter weight) can make the difference in keeping up and falling behind. Waterlogged gear is heavier, degrades more quickly, and won’t protect its contents.


Questions about waterproofing your gear? It’s more affordable than you think and can make a big difference in your team’s response time and level of comfort. Vel Tye is your custom YUMA-wrapped body armor specialist, and we’re taking orders now.


Contact our team to get started.

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