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Vel Tye specializes in large orders for teams in need of tactical gear. We’re your source for quality equipment made in the U.S.A – all at an affordable price.

Contact us today to get your FREE QUOTE on custom and/or bulk orders for tactical gear. We’ll work with you to find a cost-effective solution for whatever gear needs you might have.


Who Orders Tactical Gear in Bulk?

Our specialists work with many different groups and organizations on custom, bulk orders.


  • Entire departments looking to upgrade
  • New or growing stations or municipalities


  • Regiments taking on a new field location
  • Ongoing contracts to supply specific service teams


  • Private security firms awarded with large contracts
  • In-house security teams upgrading their equipment

Large orders are our bread and butter. Vel Tye works hand-in-hand with tactical teams all across the United States to ensure they have the equipment they need to hit the ground running.


Bulk Gear Requests

What kind of gear is offered in bulk? Not only can Vel Tye provide a free quote for generalized gear such as first aid kits and low-vis magazine carriers, we also offer quotes for highly-specialized apparel.

Our HUGGER tactical vests are worn by hundreds of tacticians ranging from first-responders to active duty military. Made from cutting-edge materials and compatible with both hard and soft armor, our vests are one of our most requested products. Contact us today to get a free quote.  Bulk order discounts are available for our full line of tactical gear, including our popular line of HUGGER tactical vests.

Other gear we offer in bulk includes:

  • Weapon Retention Straps
  • Utility Pouches
  • Weapon Slings
  • Ammo Pouches
  • And more!


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