Custom Vests and Tactical Gear

How customized is your rig?

The right tactical gear is the kind made just for you. Vel Tye specializes in tactical vests and gear designed specifically to meet your needs – every piece should have a purpose and every component, a job.

A comprehensive rig is more than the sum of its parts. Tactical vests hold your body armor, provide you protection and secure your most valuable accessories to your person. Vel Tye is the expert in tactical customization.


Customizing Your Tactical Rig

Vel Tye offers an array of tactical vests and plate carriers that are compatible with soft armor or hard armor. Buy the right rig for your armor, then customize it with the specific accessories you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our plate carriers are designed with great care, specific to the needs of law enforcement, security, and military personnel. Customization options are almost unlimited: secure your weapon with a single-point sling; ready your restraints with a handcuff pouch.

How you outfit your vest is completely up to you – do you need a LIGHTER rig? BETTER equipment? Your needs in the field are unique to your position. Your gear should be, too.


Carriers for All Your Accessories

What turns a standard rig into a customized rig? The right accessories. Everything from your radio to your ammo is meant to compliment your tactical efforts. Your equipment should always be in reach and at the ready. Some of the most popular Vel Tye accessories also offer the most customization for your kit:

Mag Pouches: From our Low-Vis magazine carrier to our double-pistol mag pouch, Vel Tye offers all the ammunition accessories you need to stack your pack.

Medical Kits: Whether you need a full-blown trauma kit, a simple first-aid pouch, or just a tourniquet, your options for customization are endless with Vel Tye’s medical accessories.

Weapon Retention: Secure your weapon while maintaining freedom of movement with one of Vel Tye’s many retention straps, slings, and systems.

Radio Pouches: Your radio is your lifeline; keep it secure and dry with a radio pouch, E/P keeper, or other Vel Tye accessory.


Vel Tye Customizable Tactical Gear

Ready to build your own perfect kit? Check out Vel Tye’s extensive line of products designed to complement your tactical attire, from Hugger vests to rifle cases.


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