Choosing body armor is a do-or-die proposition. That’s why Vel Tye has spent decades developing comfortable, high-impact tactical plate carriers for a variety of applications.

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Better Components Make Better Plate Carriers

In addition to being easy to wear, modern protection gear must also be durable. Vel Tye uses military-grade components to hand-construct each of our plate carrier vests. A few of our notable investments in quality include:

  • VELCRO: We use military-grade VELCRO for many applications including straps and cinches; it offers both unparalleled strength and flexibility.
  • CORDURA: Cordura is the leading name in tactical fabrics, known for its durability. We use Cordura to make our plate carriers lightweight and tough.
  • YUMA: Innovative YUMA fabric is sonic-welded; this makes it both waterproof and secure. YUMA helps our plate carriers stand up to heavy use.


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